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Sejong Yang

Student, Developer, and Researcher

2019.09 - present
I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Yonsei University, supervised by Prof. Seon Joo Kim. As a Ph.D student, my main research focus is in face modeling with generative models(VAE, GAN, Normalizing Flows, Diffusion Models), 3D model(3DMM, Neural Renderer, NeRF), and multi-modal representation(visual-audio, visual-text).
I have internship experience (1 month) at NAVER in 2020 to participate machine learning challenge named AI Rush.
I am fortunate to be research intern at Adobe Research in 2023 Summer to solve the arbitrary talking head generation including human, animal, cartoon and pareidoliaface with my wonderful mentors Yang Zhou, Seoung Wug Oh, Cameron Smith and, Deepali Aneja.
2018.07 - 2019.08
As an undergraduate intern in the lab of Seon Joo Kim(My Ph.D. advisor), I try to find video highlights in baseball games automatically with video summarization methods.
I engage in the start-up Blammedia as a CTO in 2019. We got the preliminary start-up package investment worth 30M won from the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development. I learn the market value of technology and product by meeting with venture capitalists.
2018.01 - 2018.06
I spent a wonderful spring semester as an exchange student at Uppsala University in 2018. Learning computer science in different culture was a great experience.
2016.11 - 2017.11
At Ewoosoft, I participate as a developer of EzMobile, Ez3D-i. I learn how to use Xamarin.Forms, Qt5, and Flask for developing the enterprise-level product. I also become familiar with collaboration/devops tools like Jira, Atlassian, Crucible and Fisheye, Github, and Jenkins with the waterfall development model.
2016.08 - 2016.11
I have software assistant experience at Kakao in 2016 developing a component for openstack. In the experience, I learn the basics of the network, virtualization, and cloud computing from the experience.
2014.03 - 2016.08
BEng at Yonsei University. This is the place where I know what is "coding" for the first time, and I managed to get a degree in computer science from it in the end. As an undergraduate intern in the lab of Seon Joo Kim(My Ph.D. advisor), I conducted for collecting and purifying data for color constancy task with the hyespectral camera.