Computational Intelligence & Photography (Yonsei Univ.)

Researcher • Sep, 2019 — Present

Video Highlight, Face Aging Generation, GPU Cloud Management

BLAM Media

Developer & Researcher • Aug, 2019 — Present

Quality of Playing of multiple artist for same song, Music Recommendation

Computational Intelligence & Photography (Yonsei Univ.)

Undergraduate Intern • Aug, 2018 — Aug, 2019

Face Aging Recognition, Fake Image Detection, Optical Character Recognition


Research Engineer • Dec, 2016 — Nov, 2017

2D/3D Viewer of a dental image with Cross-Platform Mobile Application(Android, iOS), User information API Server, System Administrator for In-house service like JIRA, Confluence and Fisheye & Crucible

Kakao Corporation

Assistant • Aug, 2016 — Oct, 2016

Make dbspear to speed up Horizon(Dashboard service from openstack)

Computational Intelligence & Photography (Yonsei Univ.)

Undergraduate Intern • Jul, 2015 — Mar, 2016

Super-Resolution, Outdoor Image Whitening


Yonsei University

Doctor of Computer Science • 2019 — 2025

Pursuing doctor degree of Computer Science

Yonsei University

Bachelor of Computer Science • 2014 — 2019

  • 20182 Software Capstone Excellence Award
  • 20191 Software Capstone Excellence Award

My final GPA was 3.34/4.3. And I was VP of PoolC, Programming Clubs on Engineering College.

Uppsala University

Exchange Student at Department of Information Technology • 2018

Nice achievement on Advanced Computer Architecture


Video Highlight

Researcher • Sept, 2019 — Present

Unsupervised video summarization with Unpaired data(direction)

Face Aging Generation

Researcher & Developer • Sept, 2018 — Aug, 2019

Tensor Algebra, Conditional Auto-Encoder, CycleGAN

Indoor Positioning with Android Oreo

Developer(Oursourcing) • July, 2018 — Oct, 2018

Android Application for Experiment, Indoor Positioning with Wifi-RTT(802.11mc)


Developer • Dec, 2016 $mdash; Mar, 2017

Android and iOS Application with Xamarin.Forms, 2D Dental imaging and conduct material for dentist


Developer • Apr, 2017 — Nov, 2017

Window Application with Qt 5, 3D Dental imaging and conduct material for dentist


Developer • 2016 — Feb, 2019

Django + Web Crawler, Yonsei University Course Registration Assistant Service for Mileage Investment

Blog(many time...)

Developer • 2015 — Present

Ruby on rails for v1, Django for v2, Django for v3(Source), Try to make confluence liked blog


Developer(Oursourcing) • Mar, 2016 — May, 2016

Android Application with AR(Augmented Reality), X-design(Capstone lecture on YSU) outsourcing with LG, Use AR character and bar-code for combinient store


Developer(Oursourcing) • Sept, 2015 — Oct, 2015

Android Application with Bluetooth Beacon, X-design(Capstone lecture on YSU) outsourcing with LG, Use bluetooth beacon to check the object is near at a certain time

Eat with us

Developer(Outsourcing) • Mar, 2015 — May, 2015

Arduino Application, X-design(Capstone lecture on YSU) outsourcing with LG, Use contact sensor to check existance of person on remote



pytorch, tensorflow v1


numpy, scipy, xgboost, pandas, matplotlib

Backend Development

Django, Flask, OpenAPI, Swagger UI

Cross-Platform Mobile

Xamarin.Forms(Android + iOS), Android with Java

Cross-Platform Descktop Application

Qt 5, PyQt

Problem Solving(Data Structure + Algorithm)

Baekjoon, Codeforces specialist

Continous Integration

Github + TravisCI or CircleCI, Jenkins

In-house Service Management(Version Control, Orchestration)

Gitlab, Atlassian Products(Jira, Confluence, Fisheye & Crucible), Docker, Docker-Compose, Docker-Swarm, Docker Registry

Network + Cloud computing

mininet, Openstack



YBM • 2019

Public English test in Korea, Score 855, Date 2019.04.28

Industrial Engineer Information Processing

Human Resources Development Service of Korea • 2016

Certificate for computer science in Korea, ID 16201071235K, Date 2016.05.06