Sejong Yang

Student, Developer, and Researcher

2019.09 - present
I am a Ph.D. Candidate at Yonsei University, supervised by Prof. Seon Joo Kim. As a Ph.D student, my main research focus is in face modeling with generative models(VAE, GAN, Normalizing Flows, Diffusion Models), 3D model(3DMM, Neural Renderer, NeRF), and multi-modal representation(visual-audio, visual-text).
I have internship experience (1 month) at NAVER in 2020 to participate machine learning challenge named AI Rush.
I'll go to Adobe Research as a research intern in 2023 Summer to solve the arbitrary face modeling including human, animal, cartoon and pareidoliaface with Yang Zhou and Seoung Wug Oh.
2018.07 - 2019.08
As an undergraduate intern in the lab of Seon Joo Kim(My Ph.D. advisor), I try to find video highlights in baseball games automatically with video summarization methods.
I engage in the start-up Blammedia as a CTO in 2019. We got the preliminary start-up package investment worth 30M won from the Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development. I learn the market value of technology and product by meeting with venture capitalists.
2018.01 - 2018.06
I spent a wonderful spring semester as an exchange student at Uppsala University in 2018. Learning computer science in different culture was a great experience.
2016.11 - 2017.11
At Ewoosoft, I participate as a developer of EzMobile, Ez3D-i. I learn how to use Xamarin.Forms, Qt5, and Flask for developing the enterprise-level product. I also become familiar with collaboration/devops tools like Jira, Atlassian, Crucible and Fisheye, Github, and Jenkins with the waterfall development model.
2016.08 - 2016.11
I have software assistant experience at Kakao in 2016 developing a component for openstack. In the experience, I learn the basics of the network, virtualization, and cloud computing from the experience.
2014.03 - 2016.08
BEng at Yonsei University. This is the place where I know what is "coding" for the first time, and I managed to get a degree in computer science from it in the end. As an undergraduate intern in the lab of Seon Joo Kim(My Ph.D. advisor), I conducted for collecting and purifying data for color constancy task with the hyespectral camera.
Dense Interspecies Face Embedding
NeurIPS 2022
Sejong Yang, Subin Jeon, Seonghyeon Nam, and Seon Joo Kim.
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SRFlow-DA: Super-Resolution Using Normalizing Flow with Deep Convolutional Block
CVPRW 2021
Younghyun Jo, Sejong Yang, and Seon Joo Kim.
[paper] [code]
Investigating loss functions for extreme super-resolution
CVPRW 2020
Younghyun Jo, Sejong Yang, and Seon Joo Kim.
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