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Research Projects
Generating Paired Data beyond Human Face by Diffusion Feature-based Filter
2023.05 - 2023.08
Sejong Yang, Yang Zhou, Seoung Wug Oh, Cameron Smith, and Deepali Aneja.
[Technical Report (under review for U.S. patent)]
THMM-DiT: Talking Head Motion Modeling with Diffusion Transformer
2022.11 - 2023.05
Sejong Yang, Seoung Wug Oh, Yang Zhou, and Seon Joo Kim.
[Technical Report] [Google Presentation]
High-resolution Realtime Portrait Image Manipulation with 3D Model and GAN
Sejong Yang, Yoonjun Cho, Subin Jeon, and Seon Joo Kim.

- Reproduce Deep3dPortrait as baseline
- Improve expression manipulation and speed with SOTA 3DMM model
- Funded by Samsung Research

DeepFake Detection
Sejong Yang, Semin Park, Yoonwoo Park, Dasol Lee, Younghyun Jo, and Seon Joo Kim.

- Reproduce Noiseprint for blind deepfake detection
- Try multiple classification models like ResNet+RNN, C3D, and I3D
- Funded by NIS

SimplerSampleNet: Efficient 3D Point Cloud Sampling
Sejong Yang, In Cho, and Seon Joo Kim.

- 3D Point Cloud needs sampling of large datapoint
- Try Classification, Registration, Restoration efficiently
- Try unsupervised learning for importance score like pruning
- Failed due to there is no concrete criteria like weight norm

Pruning for Efficient Super-Resolution
2020.01 - 2020.06
Sejong Yang, Younghyun Jo, and Seon Joo Kim.

- Network Pruning for Super Resolution
- Finding Lottery Ticket in Decoder (My Korean Blog Article)
- Try with multiple SR models like VDSR, MSRResNet, CARN, SRDenseNet, RDN, RRDB, RCAN - Try baselines like SNIP, GraSP, and SynFlow

Optical Character Recognition in the wild for Korean
2019 Spring
Sejong Yang, Yoonjun Cho, Jeongil Yang, and Seon Joo Kim.
[Video - Demo]
Face Aging Generation with Data-Efficiency
2018 Fall
Sejong Yang, WoongOh Cho, Yoonwoo Park, and Seon Joo Kim.
[Video - Demo] [code]
Engineering Projects
Landmark Location Classification
Sejong Yang

- Image classification with landmark location
- Try multiple models like EfficientNet, ResNet, ResNext, MoCo v2
- Get event prize money for sharing code

Sheep Runner - Casual Unity Game
2020 Summer
Sejong Yang
Spam Image Filtering
Sejong Yang

- NAVER AI Rush 2020 1 Round
- Advance to the next round with Rank 23
- Try multiple classification models like ResNet, EfficientNet
- Try multiple ways to deal with data imbalance like Focal Loss, Label Smoothing, Temperature Scaling
- Try multiple optimizers and schedulers like RAdam, CosineLRScheduler

Custom Blog (YangSpace)
2018.01 - 2018.12
Sejong Yang

Django-based blog like Confluence.

2016.04 - 2018.02
Sejong Yang, Hoerin Doh, Namhyu Seo, and Jeongil Yang.

Django-based Yonsei University Class Schedule Management Web Service
- Crawl class schedule and mileage history from Yonsei University Database
- Schedule editor like everytime

Augmented Reality Jingle Bell Recognizing Gloves Hand
Sejong Yang, and Chanhoo Lee.

Gloves Hand recognition with OpenCV
Jingle Bell rings when hands are on each bell on the screen